Murray started his career at Framestore in London before leaving the UK to co-found the company's New York office. 

He has won numerous awards in both the UK and the US for his Visual Effects work and in the past few years he has focused on his own output, working closely with the VFX teams in the US and UK to raise Framestore's creative profile.

He returned to work in the London office in 2021 with his family,  recently garnering a Top Ten in director rankings in the 2022 Cannes Lions creativity report. He enjoys performance, comedy and making things in CGI that aren't supposed to be there.

He has directed commercials, documentaries and VR experiences. He watches football team Charlton Athletic,  which has led to no little emotional damage to his two young children after being forced to attend several matches during a slump in form.

If you want him to direct something please contact his EP jennifer.seigel@framestore.com