Sherwin Williams

Shot in Cape Town, just before the world changed. We built a floor of a house in studio that could rotate and tip.  Thanks especially to Wyatt Garfield (dp), Karch Coon  (VFX supervisor) and Ninon De Klerk (production designer).  Laura Morris was our line producer who kept us all organised, sane, and very well fed (as well as being the "paint police". Continuity in decorating spots is a nightmare)  Dave and Adam from Mono were great creative collaborators as well. Edited by Lance Pereira. 

Our wonderful moving set.

Wyatt Garfield, DP and Karch Coon, VFX supervisor get bromantic.

Wyatt (DP) and Karch (VFX supervisor) at the moment they decided to lose the bluescreen and seal their mutual admiration.

We built a model house. Then built it again in CG.