• UNDP Don't Choose Extinction
  • UNDP Don't Choose Extinction - Prepping for the corridor shots.

    Prepping for the corridor shots.

UNDP Don't Choose Extinction

D&AD Shortlisted in 2022 for Impactful advertising. 

This was a special project and we could not be happier with the response. Great clients in the UNDP, agency Activista, and our own Framestore Pictures production team who made it all happen - in particular our MD Jen Seigel and hop Anne Vega. Production side, Laura Morris pulled off the impossible in one day. Wyatt Garfield shot the film. Karch Coon Supervised again. Joe James did wonderful boards, Jon Grover edited. Marco Marenghi at Framestore LA led the animation team. And  Jack Black was our vo. Lots of others turned it down, so cheers for that, Jack. And thanks to David Litt, who wrote the speech.